Army could be drafted to save Labour-run Wales’ largest hospital

Army could be drafted to save Labour-run Wales’ largest hospital

The University Hospital of Wales, Wales’ largest hospital is at its highest level of alert following a “significant and sustained adverse demand” on services, particularly within the Emergency Unit.

During a black alert, the health board diverts staff from non-acute areas of healthcare, they also enlist the help of more agency staff and in some cases the military.

Commenting, Welsh Conservative Shadow Health Minister, Russell George MS said:

“This serious situation at the University Hospital of Wales epitomises the crisis at the heart of our Labour-run health service. The fact that the military may well have to be drafted in to save Wales’ biggest hospital is to Labour’s shame as they have run our health service into the ground for 25 years.

“During this black alert, staff will have to be diverted meaning further delays in our Welsh NHS which are already the most pronounced in the UK with the equivalent of 1-in-4 of the population on a waiting list and over 27,000 waiting 2 or more years, compared with virtually none in England.

“The Welsh Conservatives want to see a properly resourced and reliable Welsh NHS, with the full Barnett consequential allocated to our health service.

Labour is the only government in the UK to have ever cut a health budget as they have here in Wales, in favour of blanket 20mph speed limits and more politicians.”

 Image by Mick Lobb

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