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I'm messaging you today to discuss the promotion of the ACF (Army cadet force) within Aberdare and the following areas.

Within the Aberdare area we have three detachments in which parade on a Monday and Thursday from 7 till 9. These detachments are Cwmbach, Hirwaun and Mountain Ash. 

The main reason i am emailing you today is because we need more cadets within these detachments otherwise they will be forced to close down. These detachments have taken a lot of cadets off the street and taught them life lessons. Its a great experience too for them to have; of course also to make new friends too. 

I was wondering if there was anyway you could help or suggest a way in which we can promote this brilliant youth organisation so we could have a good intake of cadets. Not many people know of Cwmbach detachment still existing since it closed down a few years back but since then – reopened. Its been open now for close to 4 years and we strongly need more cadets to attend otherwise history will repeat itself.

I would be extremely pleased if you would be so kind in helping us achieve our aim of 15 regular attending cadets per parading night – which is the requirement for the cadet detachments to remain open, right now we're struggling with 6 per night.

Thank you ever so much and I will look forward to your reply,


Cwmbach Detachment

Cdt Plt Sgt.



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Team @ AberdareOnline

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