You all have a choice today for more of the same or change now its up to you don’t forget you get what you vote for

Well now it's up to you what happens tomorrow do you want more of the same or a complete change Welsh labour has clung on to power over the years with the help of the Welsh Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru and now apparently Plaid Cymru has already sad they will go into a coalition with Labour after the election, so do Plaid want to keep labour in power? If you vote for Plaid Cymru are you actually voting to keep labour?


Don’t waste your regional vote think outside the box for a change 

Regional Members

The five regions are North Wales, Mid and West Wales, South Wales West, South Wales Central, South Wales East. Each has four seats.

The 20 regional Members are elected using the Additional Member System. The Additional Member System helps the final make-up of the Senedd better reflect the support for each party across the country.

How does the regional system work?

Here's how the regional system works:

  • each party or group in a region presents a list of candidates;
  • electors vote for the person they want to represent their region;
  • the votes for the regions are usually counted after the constituency votes have been decided;
  • each party’s total is divided by 1 + the number of Members of the Senedd it already has in that region;
  • the party with the highest total after this calculation gets the next seat and the person on top of its list is elected;
  • the same pattern is repeated until all four regional seats have been decided.



A few reminders of how labour has been over the last 20 odd years.


When you wanted Welsh Labour to vote yes they Voted No so now it’s your chance to have your vote on the May 6th and say no to Labour don’t waste your vote




Why is Welsh Labour Obstructing the Reinstatement of the Rhigos Old Parish Road?




Loss-making land deals is this why you keep voting for Welsh labour? Well, it’s your money.




A loss of £150M on the M4 and just how many million has Welsh Labour lost on Cardiff Airport so far?




According to a report by the Auditor General for Wales today, there have been significant shortcomings in the way the Welsh Government has managed the associated risks to taxpayers’ money.




Did the Labour Party close Aberdare Police Station?




Welsh Labour’s unbroken 22-year stint in power has seen a staggering 188% increase in council tax bills, whilst local services have declined immeasurably




Sewage dumping highlights a lack of concern for the Welsh environment under Labour's watch



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Team @ AberdareOnline

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