Welsh Labour stealth Motorist Tax don’t forget to vote on Thursday, 6 May 2021

The party of tax and spend is at it again, as Labour mulls a stealth Motorist Tax

in a written statement released today (March 9), the Minster for Economy and Transport has hinted at stealth taxes for motorists in Wales as he has commissioned a review into what he termed the “… benefits and challenges of different demand management approaches such as road user charging”.

Shadow Transport Minister Russell George AM said:

"We've already seen plans for a tourism tax, a vacant land tax, and a possible social care tax, from the Welsh Government so it should come as no surprise that Labour Ministers are paving the way to clobber motorists too. 

"While we Conservatives have been cutting costs for motorists by scrapping the Severn Crossing Tolls, we've seen Labour politicians in Wales seeking to increase them. 

“In many parts of rural Wales cars are a necessity, not a choice, and public transport is not a viable alternative. On top of this an electric vehicle revolution now underway, and it is clear that roads are becoming a greener mode of transport than they once were. 

"While we fully support the ambition to promote active travel in the face of the climate emergency, taxing hard-pressed motorists who have no choice other than to travel by car isn't the right approach." 

Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Welsh Parliament, Paul Davies AM/AC said: 

"Unlike Welsh Labour, our instincts are to cut taxes, not increase them; there will be no new taxes under a Welsh Conservative Government."  

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