500,000 strong petition to scrap 20mph to be debated on May 22nd

500,000 strong petition to scrap 20mph to be debated on May 22nd

Responding to the record-breaking petition against Labour’s 20mph speed limit scheme being debated on May 22, Natasha Asghar MS, Shadow Transport Minister, said:

“Labour’s barmy blanket 20mph speed limit is sadly here to stay and regardless of Labour’s recent PR tour claiming things will change it is apparent that nothing will change.

“That is why in two weeks I look forward to standing up for the people of Wales in the Senedd when the 20mph speed limit petition, which has reached nearly half a million signatures, will be debated.

“The Welsh Conservatives have been clear from the very beginning; we would scrap Labour’s 20mph speed limit and get Wales moving again.”

Cynon Valley

Vikki Howells MSWelsh Labour

9,633 signatures2.051% of 469,571 signatures

Clwyd South

Ken Skates MSWelsh Labour

12,169 signatures2.592% of 469,571 signatures

Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney

Dawn Bowden MSWelsh Labour

8,742 signatures1.862% of 469,571 signatures


Buffy Williams MSWelsh Labour

11,503 signatures2.45% of 469,571 signatures


Mick Antoniw MSWelsh Labour

11,762 signatures2.505% of 469,571 signatures


David Rees MSWelsh Labour

9,435 signatures2.009% of 469,571 signatures

Cardiff West

Mark Drakeford MSWelsh Labour

11,680 signatures2.487% of 469,571 signatures


Hannah Blythyn MSWelsh Labour

14,386 signatures3.064% of 469,571 signatures

We want the Welsh Government to rescind and remove the disastrous 20mph law

The new 20mph law is coming into force on the 17th September and it will mark the end of having socialism in power in Wales.

Welsh Government claim to have supporting evidence stating that reducing to 20mph EVERWHERE saves lives! Yet we get flyers merely claiming that it will, and opinions from doctors that see RTCs coming into A&E. This is NOT evidence. The only true evidence is from Belfast and it states it makes NO DIFFERENCE to RTCs!

At least one of the trial villages in Monmouthshire actually reverted their trial because it was causing absolute carnage on the roads! Mark Drakeford has come out claiming it is a success in St Brides Major but every time I go though there NO ONE is driving at 20mph.
The Welsh Government has FAILED to produce ANY convincing evidence to support these claims of safety. This law is being spearheaded by the WG Climate Change department and NOT Health & Safety!!
The Welsh Government was put there BY THE PEOPLE OF WALES, We are your boss! We demand that this foolish idea be stopped.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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