The candidates for 2021 South Wales Police & Crime Commissioner

The candidates for 2021:

Mike Baker – Independent

Steve Gallagher – Conservatives

Gail John – Propel

Callum Littlemore – Liberal Democrats

Nadine Marshall – Plaid Cymru

Alun Michael – Labour

Is the South Wales Police Authority top-heavy?


The annual salary is £162,840 (review pending) and a car is provided for duty use (and private use subject to private running costs and tax being met by the post holder).


Taken from the South Wales Police website below.

Chief officers

Jeremy Vaughan was promoted to Chief Constable of South Wales Police in November 2020. 

Jenny Gilmer joined South Wales Police in June 2018 as Assistant Chief Constable.

David Thorne was appointed Assistant Chief Constable in South Wales Police in June 2020.

Mark Travis was appointed Assistant Chief Constable in South Wales Police in June 2020.

Joanna Maal Temporary Assistant Chief Constable joined South Wales Police in 1995.

Chief Financial Officer Umar Hussain MBE

Director of People and Organisational Development Mark Stevenson

Special Constabulary Chief Officer Dale Cartwright

Another layer of South Wales Police Management belongs to The Police and Crime Commissioner



South Wales Police & Crime Commissioner, Rt Hon Alun Michael

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Emma Wools Salary: £74,112.00


Commissioner’s Chief Officers

The Police and Crime Commissioner has a legal duty to appoint two Chief Officers: a Chief of Staff and Chief Financial Officer.


Chief of Staff (Interim) – Lee Jones – Salary: £79,366.00


Chief Finance Officer – Peter Curran – Salary: £90,171.00


Other Staff

• Strategic Lead – Vulnerability and Victims x 1

• Strategic Lead – Criminal Justice x 1

• Strategic Lead – Commissioning, Substance Misuse and Mental Health x 1

• Strategic Lead – Scrutiny, Assurance & Equality x 1

• Strategic Lead – Standards and Compliance x 1

• Finance & Commissioning Manager x 1

• Policy Officers x 6

• Policy Officer/Researcher x 1

• Project and Policy Support Officers x 3

• Commissioning, Grants and Funding Officer x 1

• Business Manager x 1

• Principal Analyst x 1

• Executive Adviser and Support Officer x 1

• Engagement and Assurance Officer x 0.8

• Quality, Standards and Compliance Officer x 1

• Governance Support Officers x 2

• Commissioner’s PA X 1

• Administration Support Officers x 0.8

• Administration Assistants x 3.6

Total Staff: 32 (Including inward secondments, excludes external secondments)

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