Vote for the change you need to see.

May 5th is your chance to elect a new Assembly Member for the Pontypridd constituency. Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate Mike Powell is well known throughout RCT for his outspoken views and for his involvement in numerous local campaigns.

The Labour party needs to be challenged on every bad decision, every misjudged cut to public services, every mis-spent penny and that won't happen whilst they run the Council and have the local MP and AM.

Mike stood up against school closures, the downgrading of our Hospital, the removal of community services. He always puts people before politics. Ponty born and bred he has a solid record of standing up for the people of this area.

The man who has been the Labour AM for the past five years was brought in from Newport and has made little impression in the Pontypridd constituency, spending more time keeping his union backers happy than campaigning on anything here. He has not challenged the Council or the Labour Government over anything.

The Conservatives have been invisible, even though they have had two regional AMs covering South Wales Central, which includes RCT. They were nowhere to be seen during the hospital campaign, the fight against nursery cuts, the closure of libraries or indeed anything else.

Plaid have been an ineffective opposition backing Labour over Local Government reorganisation and a range of other things, presumably in the hope of forming a coalition after the election.

As for UKIP, they are only concerned with getting out of Europe and their own anti-immigration agenda. They have no interest in this constituency and have done absolutely nothing here. In fact his profile on their website only talks about the Rhondda where he lives with no mention of the constituency he s standing in. Nigel Farage said he was "less than impressed" with his regional top of the list candidate. If even your own leader doesn't back you then you know you are in trouble.

So the choice is yours. Someone with a proven track record of sticking up for local residents, a Labour man who cares more about his own career than the people he supposedly represents, or an unknown simply there to make up the numbers?

Mike always puts people before party politics. Can you do the same?

Vote for the change you need to see.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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