Fed up with Potholes report it to the RCT Council or South Wales Trunk Road Agent 

Fed up with Potholes report it to the RCT Council or South Wales Trunk Road Agent 

Bring attention to the deteriorating road conditions in our area, particularly the escalating issue of potholes resulting from adverse weather conditions. The impact is not limited to residential roads; it has now extended to our vital A and B roads, as well as trunk roads, demanding immediate attention and repair.

Historically, residential roads have struggled with substandard surfaces and numerous potholes, but the recent inclement weather has exacerbated the problem. Trunk Roads, under the responsibility of the Labour Government since 1999, exhibit a concerning state despite their oversight. Local roads, on the other hand, fall under the jurisdiction of the local council.

For instance, the B4275 is riddled with potholes, exacerbated by irregularities from utility companies’ interventions. The A465 and A470 are also experiencing severe pothole issues. While the council has I assume a scheduled pothole repair program, the recent Christmas break has caused delays. It is crucial to expedite these repairs, considering the escalating costs associated with vehicle suspension damage and expensive tire replacements resulting from deep potholes.

I commend the Director of Highways at RCT Council for promptly resolving reported highway defects within a few weeks, demonstrating a commitment to addressing community concerns.

To streamline the reporting process, we encourage residents to utilize the quick online reporting tool provided by RCT Council for pothole concerns. Potholes are more prevalent during this time of the year following the cold and wet winter period, and additional teams are actively working to address these issues. The council has allocated £4.8m for resurfacing schemes this year, along with a separate budget to address emerging concerns.

The council aim to leverage improved weather conditions in spring and summer to expedite necessary repairs. Please use the following link [insert link] for the quickest and most efficient reporting of potholes. It is essential to note that the A470 is under the jurisdiction of the South Wales Trunk Road Agent, not the Council

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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