“People are fed up” of Labour’s economic record – Eluned Parrott AM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have rounded upon Labour’s economic record after new figures show that Wales is the only part of the UK where average wages are decreasing.

The Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings shows that average weekly wages in Wales decreased by 0.1% this year, the only region of the UK to show a decrease.

The North East of England, a region often compared to Wales, had an increase of 2%, while the UK average increased by 1.8%.

Eluned Parrott AM, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Economy Minister, said:

“These figures confirm what we’ve suspected for a while now: the Welsh economy is suffering under Labour.

“It’s no coincidence that Wales is the only part of the UK where pay packets are shrinking. Labour’s lack of economic vision is damaging our nation, and people are rightly getting fed up of it.

“With some enterprise zones creating only a handful of jobs, an empty shops rate higher than anywhere else in the UK, and hardly any focus on developing the skills of our workforce, it’s no wonder that Labour is failing Wales time after time.

“People want a vibrant Welsh economy with real job opportunities so they can get on in life. Welsh Liberal Democrats will create the conditions for business to thrive in Wales, creating the high-value jobs that will finally get our economy moving.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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