Fed up with a Council that does not represent you – then make the change

Have you ever thought of standing for Council? Every day facebook, twitter, the local pub, is full of people complaining that the Council doesn't listen, that Councillors are not doing a good job, etc. Yet the same old faces under the same Labour red flag keep getting voted back in. And this will carry on until people with a real interest in their community get involved and stand up for a different type of politics, where their representatives actually put people and community first.

The Lib Dems in RCT may be a relatively small group but we shout loud. We fought with the people of Pontypridd to keep the paddling pool; we led the campaign against the nonsensical setting up of through schools in the Rhondda; we joined parents fighting to keep full time nursery education. It was the Lib Dems, namely Cllr Mike Powell and myself who were at the forefront of the battle to keep services at the Royal Glamorgan. Oh, yes, other parties came along for photoshoots and put comments in the press, but we took it to judicial review. I wrote the witness statements and put together the case, because in the Lib Dems we believe in doing things not just talking about it. And these are just a few examples.

If we are to make a real dent in the Labour party's domination of this area next May then we need like-minded people to join us and stand up for what they, we and the majority of people in RCT want.

It doesn't matter if you know nothing about politics or Local Government, as long as you care about people and about your community and making it better. If you believe in fairness for all; in true equality; in helping everyone to achieve the best they can; in making you community a better place to live and bring our children up in. If you believe that elected representatives are there to represent people, not go along with whatever officers say; if you believe in sticking up for what is right. It you believe that we can't keep leaving it up to "them" to do something then you are a Lib Dem – you may just not have realised it yet!

Want to know more? Contact Karen.roberts@rctlibdems.org.uk

Karen Roberts, Chair RCT wWelsh Liberal Democrats

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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