Labour’s mismatched priorities resulted in underfunded social care

Labour’s mismatched priorities resulted in underfunded social care

Commenting on the news that an increase in the number of children’s services contacts in Wales is resulting in stress and pressure on social care workers, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Social Care, Gareth Davies MS said:

“While the onus is on some councils with large usable reserves to put that money to use to properly fund social care, the responsibility lies primarily with the Labour Welsh Government to relieve these pressures on the system and reduce the stress bearing down on our Welsh care workers.

If Labour weren’t spending £120 million on more politicians and £33 million on blanket 20mph then there would be that additional investment available for both health and social care.

“Staffing pressures are affecting children’s services which has a knock-on effect on our ability to safeguard the children of Wales. That’s why the Welsh Conservatives have been calling for a child services review from the Labour Government as we are still the only part of the UK without one.”

Social work: Stress as demand increases in Wales

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