A question of priorities – where are theirs?

The Labour Cabinet made ruthless cuts just after the last election and blamed it all on the UK Government.

They cut nursery education, closed libraries and paddling pools, cut back on meals on wheels and youth facilities.

RCT Welsh Liberal Democrats, whilst not opposing some of the more sensible cuts, fought against many of these changes which adversely affected so many residents – the cuts to nursery education being one of the main things.

Now of course just before this election, in an effort to make you forget all of that, they are spending everywhere to try and buy your vote.

But some things have never been cut, some things they have wasted money on all along.

Such as giving senior officers £11K (20%) pay rises, employing a Chief Exec on £143,000 a year and paying Cabinet Members the maximum they are allowed.

Whilst other services have been cut they continued to expand their strategy and publicity department. In charge of which is the son of a Cabinet Member who has been promoted rapidly through the ranks with never an interview or any competition for the job.

Are you going to trust them with your vote this May?

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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