Labour’s tone-deaf legislative programme fails to address the people’s priorities

Labour’s tone-deaf legislative programme fails to address the people’s priorities

The Welsh Labour Government has said meals deals with a high fat, sugar or salt content will be restricted in Wales under plans to tackle obesity and diabetes.

Basically, Labour in Wales wants to put up your weekly overpriced grocery bills even higher in the name of obesity as they look out for working underpaid men/women who live in an already deprived area on low wages.

Never mind the thousands of fast food takeaway outlets around our towns and villages.

Welsh Labour almost everything they are involved with goes pear-shaped.

Responding to Mark Drakeford’s legislative agenda announcement, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives,

Andrew RT Davies MS said:

“Mark Drakeford has announced his legislative agenda for the next 12 months and it is truly depressing to see how out of touch the Labour party have become after 25 years of failing the people of Wales.

“In his programme there is no mention of the excessive waiting lists in our Welsh NHS or a plan to eliminate 2-year waits that still stand at over 30,000 patients, compared with virtually zero in England. No mention of our rising unemployment, despite reductions elsewhere in the UK. No mention of a plan to address our position at the bottom of Britain’s GCSE and PISA rankings and no plan to end child poverty, which is still rising in Wales.

“Labour Ministers in the Senedd are focussed on the wrong priorities, they are far keener on bringing forward their tone-deaf proposal to send 36 more politicians to Cardiff Bay, costing the taxpayer £100 million and their so-called council tax reforms that will increase bills further for the people of Wales, than addressing the people’s priorities.

“It will be interesting to see whether Mark Drakeford will actually see his legislative programme through or if he’ll stand down, as indicated, halfway through this Senedd term.”

The threat of nurse strikes still looms in Wales

Commenting on the news that the Royal Colleges of Nurses (RCN) have paused strike action in Wales while talks resume, Welsh Conservative Shadow Health Minister, Russell George MS said:

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