Firefighter cuts a smoke screen for labour’s blanket 20mph

Firefighter cuts a smoke screen for labour’s blanket 20mph

Commenting on the news there are plans to cut the number of fire stations and firefighters in North Wales, putting lives at risk, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Social Partnership said:

“If you read the public consultation document the fire service is asking all households in North Wales for £171 per year, a hike of £20.36 so that it can increase the number of households that it can reach in 20mins by less than 1% of the total. This is a very big price for such a small gain.”

“They are also threatening that firefighter jobs will be lost and fire stations will be closed if the public do not support this, and I believe that this is actually a smokescreen to hide the fact that they are worried they will no longer be able to meet their 20 min response time due to the introduction of the 20mph speed limit” 

Also commenting, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for North Wales, Darren Millar MS added:

“It’s crucially important that we don’t see a reduction in cover at fire stations and firefighter numbers in North Wales.

“There must be suitable alternative proposals put forward in order to ensure there is suitable emergency cover available for the public, that will protect the services and ensure there is no additional risk to people’s lives.”

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