Labour has no answer to soaring unemployment

Labour has no answer to soaring unemployment

Commenting on his exchange with Mark Drakeford at First Minister’s Questions today, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies MS said:

“While unemployment continues to fall across the UK as a whole, it’s up in Labour-run Wales. It’s unacceptable that Mark Drakeford refused to take responsibility for this today.

The Auditor General puts it clearly when he says that Wales receives £1.20 for every £1 spent in England and despite the fact that Labour holds the economic levers here, they’ve failed to grow our economy and properly fund our public services for a quarter of a century.

“Welsh pay packets are £2,000 lighter than other parts of the UK and Wales represents 5% of the UK population, but only generates a little over 3% of the wealth.

“In order to rectify this deteriorating situation, the Labour Government could and should reduce the highest business rates in Britain that exist here in Wales, cancel their economy-stifling road building ban and stop wasting taxpayer funds on vanity projects like Senedd expansion.

“It was clear from the First Minister’s response that Labour has no plan to turn the ship around and rectify the failure of 25 years of Labour’s economic policy here in Wales. Mark Drakeford offered nothing because he has no answer.

“It’s time for Labour ministers in the Senedd to take responsibility. Devolution without accountability is not fit for purpose.”

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