Welsh Labour refuses to answer parents’ questions about the new Relationships and Sexual Education (RSE) curriculum

Welsh Conservative Shadow Education Minister, Laura Anne Jones MS today questioned Labour’s Education Minister in the Senedd on the new RSE rollout, and the failure by the Government to give parents assurances over what content will be taught to students and whether parents will have the right to opt their children out of RSE if they deem it not age appropriate.

In the chamber she asked the Minister for Education, Jeremy Miles:

“Will you ensure that all parents have access to the materials being taught in classrooms? And Minister, if they’re not satisfied with the content their child is receiving, will they get that all-important opt-out?”

The Minister failed on multiple occasions to give assurances over access to the specific content and ruled out an opt-out.

Commenting on the exchange outside the chamber, Shadow Minister for Education, Laura Anne Jones MS said:

“The Welsh Conservatives believe that parents know far better than the state what is age appropriate learning for their own children.

“We recognise the parental right to know what their children are being taught and to opt out where appropriate, but the Labour Government have decided to ignore the will of parents and press ahead with this new curriculum.

“I asked the Education Minister multiple times whether or not parents will get further details of what is being taught but shamefully, I was not given any answers.”

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