A call for Financial transparency that leads to better scrutiny and better governance? But unfortunately the Welsh Labour Government don’t do scrutiny

Petition title: Welsh Government to hold a public inquiry into decisions taken by them before and during the pandemic. Text of petition: Many loved-ones acquired Covid-19 in hospitals & care homes in Wales. PPE was lacking, staff not tested unless symptomatic, ventilation poor, Covid patients put on non-Covid wards. Many sent home without being retested; spreading infection in the community and subsequently dying. Many had DNRs placed without consultation. Communication was poor or non-existent. Lessons most definitely have not been learnt. Decisions taken in Wales which affected the people of Wales should be scrutinised in Wales.



Petition Number: P-06-1262 https://www.senedd.assembly.wales/documents/s124842/Research%20Brief.pdf


Welsh Conservatives call for increased financial transparency.


The Welsh Conservatives have called on Labour ministers to publish an equivalent of Scotland’s Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (GERS) document in an attempt to boost financial transparency.

Commenting, Welsh Conservative Shadow Finance Minister, Peter Fox MS said:

“For years, the Welsh Conservatives have called for a report, equivalent to the GERS, to be introduced in Wales in order to raise greater awareness of our financial system.

“Financial transparency leads to better scrutiny and better governance. I would have thought, that as a Unionist Party, the Labour Government in Cardiff Bay would be happy to support our calls.

“As Welsh families face uncertain financial times, it is vital that Labour ministers improve transparency so decision making can be held to account.”

Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (GERS) addresses three questions about Scotland’s public sector finances under the current constitutional arrangements:

  • What revenues were raised in Scotland?
  • How much did the country pay for the public services that were consumed?
  • To what extent did the revenues raised cover the costs of these public services?

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Welsh Conservative comment on doctor union warning

The British Medical Association has warned that nearly 700 doctors are likely to leave NHS Wales due to recently announced 4.5% pay-rise.

Commenting, Welsh Conservative and Shadow Health Minister Russell George MS said:

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