The lack of a Welsh Public Inquiry into Covid the Welsh Labour Government just cant take any sort of scrutiny WHY? The truth may come out

Welsh Conservatives continue to champion growing calls for a Wales-specific Covid inquiry

Welsh families who lost relatives to Covid-19 want to be recognised as ‘core participants’ as the UK Covid Inquiry gets under way. Those classed as core participants will be given a formal role to play in the process, which is expected to start hearing evidence in early 2023.

Welsh Conservative Shadow Health Minister, Russell George MS has been exchanging letters with the Chair of the UK Covid Inquiry and has long been championing the calls for a Wales-specific inquiry.

He said: 

“The Welsh Conservatives have consistently called for a Wales-specific Covid inquiry to give bereaved families the answers that they deserve.

“At the very least, Welsh families should be given a place as core participants in the UK-wide inquiry. We also support the calls for the first stage of the inquiry to have a greater emphasis on the decisions made in Wales.

“I am disappointed that the Labour Government in Cardiff Bay continues to dodge scrutiny, given the differing decisions that they made and the fact that Wales had the highest deathrate in the entire UK.” 

Preliminary hearings take place in London on Tuesday, when a decision on who will be made ‘core participants’ will be announced.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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