Kinnock “should be ashamed” of offensive comments about Eurosceptics

Former Labour Leader, Neil Kinnock, has been urged to apologise for “appalling comments” in which he likened ‘Euroscepticism’ to Enoch Powell “winning the argument from the grave”.

Welsh Conservative Leader said there should be a “sensible, balanced and […] rational” debate over Britain’s membership of the European Union – at the appropriate time.

However, Mr Davies warned that scaremongering on either side would not only undermine the campaign – it risked further overshadowing the Assembly elections in May.

Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies, said:

“Lord Kinnock should apologise for these appalling comments; it’s this kind of arrogance towards dissenting views which has placed our future in the EU in the balance.

“To equate moderate Euroscepticism with the offensive views of Enoch Powell is yet more evidence of the Labour Party’s scaremongering on the issue of our EU membership.

“It’s also incredibly rich for Labour politicians to bemoan what they see as extremist views, particularly when their Leader has expressed public sympathy for the IRA, and freely admits that he wants to hand the Falkland Islands to Argentina.

“Across Wales, the public’s appetite for a referendum on the EU is clear, but the debate should be sensible, balanced, and based on a rational case for leaving or staying.

“Not only do Lord Kinnock’s views unfairly stigmatise ordinary hardworking people, they undermine the very campaign he is supporting.

“Welsh Conservatives respect that a range of opinions on EU membership exist across our country.

“Recent polling showed 42 percent in favour of leaving the EU, and 40 percent in favour of remaining a member – so, at the right time, this is a discussion people want to have.

“Whilst, in the short-term, nothing should deflect from the upcoming Assembly election, I welcome that, thanks to the Conservative Party, people across Wales will now get to have that debate and make an informed, free choice.”

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