MS’ offensive remark about low income families shows what Labour really thinks of working-class people

Labour has come under-fire after one of the party’s Senedd members said people on low incomes were too poor to go to the cinema, rugby or football.

Jenny Rathbone’s comments were made in the Senedd last night as members debated extending COVID passes to cinemas, concert halls and theatres – something which the Welsh Conservatives voted again.

The Labour MS for Cardiff Central said: “Listen, people on the lowest incomes are not able to go to the matches, either the rugby, the football, or the cinema. Let’s get real on this one.”

Tickets to watch Cardiff City V Hull FC cost just £17, tickets to watch Wrexham play football only cost £20 and you can watch Wales’ rugby team take on Fiji this weekend for just £20.

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Sport, Culture and Tourism, Tom Giffard MS, said:

 “Labour’s shocking comments in the Senedd yesterday show what they really think of working-class people and families on low incomes.

“To assume and say low income families can’t afford to go to the cinema or the rugby and football is offensive and is indicative of the current Labour Party.

“Anyone who has been to the cinema, or to a rugby or football game would know that is totally untrue, but it’s yet another indication of how out of touch the modern Labour Party is with working class communities.

“Vaccine passports are going to have an impact on everyone in Wales regardless of their income and to say otherwise is simply wrong.

“We voted against these passes being extended for a wide range of reasons and it is disappointing Plaid Cymru helped Labour slip this through by making a U-turn on their voting , especially given ministers couldn’t provide any evidence of their effectiveness in Wales.”

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