What Next? Children and young people in Wales given a voice in one of the largest consultations of its kind

Over 7,000 children and young people (aged 3-18+) took part in the Beth Nesa | What Next? Consultation – one of the largest of its kind in Wales – and we are pleased to now be able to share the key findings of this consultation with you.

Drawing upon the results of the Beth Nesa | What Next? Consultation, and other relevant sources of evidenceChildren’s Commissioner for Wales, Professor Sally Holland has set her priorities for 2016-19 as:

  • Mental health, wellbeing and tackling bullying
  • Poverty and social inequalities
  • Play and leisure
  • Safety (in the community, school and at home)
  • Raising awareness of the UNCRC and promoting its adoption across public services
  • Transitions to adulthood for all young people requiring continuing support and care

A full strategic plan on how Sally Holland will work to promote change in these areas will be published by the end of March 2016 to commence from 01 April 2016.

The findings from the full Beth Nesa | What Next? Consultation Report, as well as a Children and Young Person’s version of the report, are available at www.childcomwales.org/en/publications

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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