Bevan Commission releases blueprint for health and Care Transformation in Wales

Bevan Commission releases blueprint for health and Care Transformation in Wales

The Bevan Commission has released The Foundations for the Future Model of Health and Care in
Wales, calling for courageous transformation and visionary leadership in the face of a rapidly
changing health landscape.
This report addresses our changing demographic needs, acknowledging the rise in economic
inactivity due to illness, ageing population, and widening health inequalities exacerbated by socio-
economic and environmental factors. The Bevan Commission proposes a collaborative, whole-
society strategy, integrating public health, illness prevention, and community support across all
sectors. This proposed model champions bold new approaches, stressing the importance of data,
technology, and a skilled workforce in creating a sustainable and dynamic system fit for the future,
whilst honouring the founding principles of the NHS.  

Bevan Commission Director Dr Helen Howson says:

‘We all know that in a fast-changing world, our health and care system must also adapt to meet
current and future needs and be ready to respond to future opportunities as they arise. This report
acknowledges this and sets out four foundations that will enable us to act and respond accordingly,
addressing the challenges and potential, from the promise of new technologies to the sustainability of
the workforce, systems, and services. This report weaves together learnings from internationally
recognised health and care leaders at our landmark 2023 conference ‘The Tipping Point: Where next for
health and care?’ as well as from our ‘Conversation with the Public’ programme 2023, which gathered
over 2000 perspectives on the state and future of health and care across Wales. Bringing together these
expert and public dimensions, this report lays out the foundations for a forward-thinking and
responsive health and care system that is prepared to meet the challenges of today as well as anticipate
those of tomorrow.’

You can access this report here: https://bevancommission.org/the-future-foundations-for-the-

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