Bevan Commission report reveals public views about the future of health and social care

Bevan Commission report reveals public views about the future of health and social care

The Bevan Commission, Wales’ leading independent think tank for health and care, unveils a comprehensive report reflecting public opinion on the future of health and social care in Wales.
Whilst there is much to celebrate about the achievements of our health and care service, we must also
acknowledge that in a fast-changing world, we need urgent and radical transformation to ensure that our healthcare system is sustainable and fit for the future.
The Bevan Commission believes that the people of Wales must be involved in and listened to if we are to
transform health and care services to meet everyone’s needs. To help understand how the people of Wales’ feel about the future of health and social care and to get their solutions for the future, the Bevan
Commission recently held a series of Conversations with the Public. This consisted of seven ‘townhall’ style events in each Health Board’s locality as well as an online event and online survey. With over 2000
participants attending the events or taking part in the survey, this piece of work has brought light to a wide range of opinions, fears, hopes and aspirations for the future held by people in communities across Wales.

The report launched today offers a robust analysis of the findings from these events. It reflects the diverse perceptions, challenges, and visions of communities across Wales. Key areas identified in the report include illness prevention, early intervention, and lifestyle; empowerment and shared responsibility; wider determinants of health; communication; services and support; demographics, and the pressures faced by the health and care workforce.

In undertaking this piece of research, it was discovered that people across Wales, broadly speaking, have an appetite for radical change, and believe it’s time for bold actions and bravery from policymakers to create a system that is fair and sustainable for all, whilst upholding the founding principles of the NHS as set out 75 years ago by Aneurin Bevan. This report is well placed to inform future decisions about how our health and care system can adapt to thrive in the future, ensuring the voices of Wales’ communities are heard.

Bevan Commission Director Dr Helen Howson says:
“This report comes at a crucial time when brave and innovative decisions must be made about the future of health and social care. This report taps into the vast knowledge and lived experiences of people from across Wales to better understand what is needed to create a health and care system that can adapt and thrive in a changing world.”
The Bevan Commission extends its gratitude to all participants who contributed their perspectives, as well Llais and NHS Wales Health Boards and Trusts for enabling this piece of work.

The full report is available for download on the Bevan Commission’s website here:

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