Do Transport for Wales know where the Rail Line is from aberdare to Hirwaun?

Do Transport for Wales know where the Rail Line is from aberdare to Hirwaun?

Looking at the photo above can you see the difficulty in a new rail line coloured in brown and the uncertainty of the Aberdare to Hirwaun passenger line extension?

Know as the Election Special its been promised my AMs, MS, MPs and local councillors since 2011 just for you to keep voting for them.

Long Delays and Additional Costs Plague Aberdare to Hirwaun Rail Line Reopening

Welsh Assembly election year March 2011 – Aberdare to Hirwaun Rail Line Faces Setbacks

The anticipated reopening of the railway passenger line between Aberdare and Hirwaun, initially set for March 2011, has hit a series of stumbling blocks, causing significant delays and unforeseen costs. The Cynon Valley scheme, initially included in the Welsh Assembly Government’s 2011-12 capital programme, has encountered complications that have impeded progress.

Contrary to early expectations, the Valleys rail network will now see an increased expenditure of £2.96m for enhancements to the Cardiff Valleys rail infrastructure. Aberdare High-Level Station currently remains the terminus for passengers travelling from Cardiff through the Cynon Valley, exacerbating the frustration for commuters.

March 2015 – Lingering Uncertainties Surround Hirwaun Rail Extension

In March 2015, Cynon Valley AM Christine Chapman expressed her ongoing concerns, stating, “First Minister, I was pleased to note in the draft national transport plan 2015 that one commitment as a medium to long-term priority was the investigation into the extension of rail services to those communities currently without, with a specific mention of Hirwaun in my constituency.”

However, the reality faced by local residents in Hirwaun is far from the initial optimism. The existing track notwithstanding, the extension of rail services has encountered unexpected challenges, leading to persistently poor access to public transport in the area. Previous studies that strongly advocated for this extension have not translated into tangible progress.

Ms. Chapman raised questions about the future steps in taking this proposal forward, prompting a response from then-First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones. His statement revealed that the Minister was currently scrutinizing the findings of the Cardiff capital region metro report, introducing an additional layer of uncertainty to the already protracted process.

As the Aberdare to Hirwaun rail line grapples with extended timelines and escalating costs, the community awaits a resolution to the myriad challenges that have befallen this once-promising initiative.

Transport for Wales has announced the cost for its project to electrify and convert the Core Valley Lines into the South Wales Metro has risen by a third to £1bn the original project costed at £750M

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