Opposition to blanket 20mph continues to grow

Opposition to blanket 20mph continues to grow

Commenting on the news that an overwhelming majority of people surveyed say 20mph speed limits have affected their lives for the worse, Welsh Conservative Shadow Transport Minister, Natasha Asghar MS said:

“Franky I am not surprised by the results of this survey as I have been hearing this every single day for months from people, businesses and organisations from all corners of Wales in their droves.

“It is clear that people have had enough of blanket 20mph speed limits in Wales, with even Labour’s own Chris Bryant referring to it as completely bonkers, the policy has quite clearly been an unmitigated disaster.

“Labour’s £33 million vanity project is set to hit the Welsh economy by up to £9 billion by their own admission. Only the Welsh Conservatives will actually scrap this policy and we’ll do it on day one.”

Sign the Petition if you want the Welsh Government to rescind and remove the disastrous 20mph law

Labour minister: ‘We don’t know what we’re doing on economy’

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