Labour set to ‘destroy’ Wales’ self-catering sector with ‘bonkers’ letting rules

Labour set to ‘destroy’ Wales’ self-catering sector with ‘bonkers’ letting rules

A new survey from the Professional Association of Self-Caterers UK has indicated that as many as 75% of self-catering accommodation businesses in Wales are set to be hit by Labour’s imposed 182-day letting rule and associated council tax premiums of up to 300% that business leaders have warned ‘could destroy’ the sector.

Commenting, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Culture, Tourism and Sport, Tom Giffard MS said:

“The Labour Welsh Government’s 182-day rule is nothing more than a tax grab designed to punish hardworking Welsh business owners to appease Labour’s nationalist cooperation partners.

“Labour and Plaid Cymru have ignored the views of the tourism industry and are pressing ahead with deeply harmful policies that will damage a sector that supports 1-in-7 jobs here in Wales.

“The Welsh Conservatives favour an achievable, industry-backed 105-day rule to reverse this soul-crushing policy and to help solve the concerns they were brought in to address without causing further harm to an embattled sector that is already having to deal with Labour’s incoming toxic tourism tax.”

Mandy McDermott, a 58-year-old who owns Golly Farm Cottages in Wrexham and has three holiday lets in converted barns could face a tax bill from the Labour Welsh Government of up to £5,000 as a result of the 182-day rule.

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