Has Labour just made a complete mess of 20mph?

Has Labour just made a complete mess of 20mph?

Welsh Labour minister: ‘We don’t know what we’re doing on economy

Question is do they know what they are doing with everything else?

As this post on Twitter sums up devolution and Labour running Wales

NHS – worst its ever been.

CARE SYSTEM – worst its ever been.

HEALTH CARE – worst its ever been

TRAVEL NETWORK – worst its ever been.

SCHOOLS – worst they’ve ever been.

ROADS – worst they’ve ever been.

EMPLOYMENT – worst its ever been.

POVERTY – worst its ever been Thanks Labour

Commenting on her spokesperson questions to the Deputy Transport Minister today in the Senedd, Welsh Conservative Shadow Transport Minister Natasha Asghar MS said:

“I grilled the Deputy Minister this afternoon on his party’s disastrous 20mph speed limit, which contrary to him and his party’s delusions, is becoming more and more unpopular by the day, with a recent poll showing nearly 60% of people oppose the costly policy.

“Labour has repeatedly claimed that introducing 20mph speed limits will add just 1 minute onto journey times. Yet, bus companies are cutting services down due to the impact of the ludicrous policy, with one major bus operator saying the scheme is adding an extra 12 minutes each way onto journeys between Caernarfon, Bangor and Llandudno.

“I put it to the Deputy Minister, given this policy has been a complete mess from the very beginning, will he finally listen to the Welsh public and scrap this scheme before it does any more unnecessary damage? Unfortunately, he continues to think he knows better than the people of Wales.”

She added:

“Finally, the claim that £125 million was spent on Transport for Wales instead of more urgent services because of falling passenger numbers just doesn’t add up. How does Labour expect passenger numbers to increase if they are actively aiming for 30% of all workers in Wales to do so from home? We need proactive, innovative solutions to get people back onto public transport not more of the same.”

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