School Gate New Newsletter And Restructure

School Gate New Newsletter And Restructure


The initial, introductory period for the new Relationships and Sex Education regulations has now been completed. We at School Gate Campaign are proud to have played our part in raising awareness of bad RSE and supporting parents with information and advice. Dialogue concerning RSE is now very much in the public domain, with questions being asked in parliament, (yet another) review of DfE guidance on its way and the government facing legal action.


I will be stepping down and the campaign office will be closing at the end of this month. News and updates about RSE, however, can be received from Parent Power, which sends out a newsletter on the subject every month. Please sign up to Parent Power at the bottom of this page, to continue to be informed about Relationships and Sex Education.

If you have a query about RSE, support can be found at:

  1. Facebook School Gate Campaign Support Group
  2. www.parentpower.family
  3. one of the other groups linked in the website Support section
  4. the more extensive list of organisations offering specialised help in the RSE Toolkit for Parents

Information about RSE is still available through the downloadable Guide, the RSE Toolkit for Parents and prior blog posts, all on www.schoolgatecampaign.org, as well as the School Gate Campaign Facebook page.

Leaflets are still available for printing on request through our Facebook Support Group, which will be administered by our new School Gate Campaign Facebook Group Leader, Zoe Wong.


My personal thanks go especially to Christian Morano, our IT support (If you have any website needs, check Chris out at lasoluzioneweb.com), Zoe Wong, our new Facebook Group Leader, Dr Lisa Nolland and many associate members of the Marriage, Sex and Culture Group.

To School Gate Campaign subscribers, I say “thank you” for all your support on this journey we have shared together. I look forward to seeing further successful outcomes, as we continue to protect our children from confusion and premature sexualisation in schools.


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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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