North Wales Assembly Member Mark Isherwood has called on the Welsh Government to answer to the Assembly on the future of the Blue Badge scheme in Wales for drivers with severe mobility problems.


Mr Isherwood is disappointed that only a written statement has been provided and said an oral statement is necessary to allow proper and public questioning of the Minister.


Speaking in this week’s Business Statement, he said: “I call for a single oral statement on the Blue Badge scheme. I note that today’s Order Paper was amended to remove that because of pressure of business, and a written statement was produced eight minutes ago. But that statement does include matters that merit questions from Members, such as, for example, the role of GPs and clinicians in supporting applicants who may have complex medical conditions.


“There are further questions on something that I’ve been questioning the Minister positively over for a number of years, which is a Blue Badge for people with temporary conditions, the growing concern over some local authorities moving towards proposals for charging for Blue Badge parking in Blue Badge spaces, and, more broadly, the role of the Independent Advisory Service as it’s developed in practice since introduction, so we can look at what’s working well but also at what might be done differently in the future. I do feel strongly that these are important matters that many Members receive representations on, which do merit an opportunity for Members to question the Minister directly in the Chamber.



The Minister for Government Business, Jane Hutt, replied: “The response and questions about the blue badge scheme are very important, and the Minister is offering briefing to all political groups on the outcome of the consultation.”


Mr Isherwood, who has previously raised ‘Blue Badge’ issues affecting drivers with severe mobility problems in Flintshire and elsewhere in North Wales, added: “This has affected too many of my constituents with mobility problems and proper questioning of the Transport Minister in public and on the record is needed.”

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