Covid-19: Rule relaxation of ‘limited benefit’ to many shielded people

Commenting on the announcement today (Jun 4) by the Chief Medical Officer on shielding, Angela Burns MS – the Shadow Health Minister – said:


“I am seriously concerned of the ramifications the pandemic is having on people’s mental health, and the Chief Medical Officer’s latest announcement will only worsen an already delicate situation for those who are shielding.


“By the time shielded people are due their promised mid-August letter they will have been self-isolating for some 20 weeks. That’s bound to take a toll on anyone’s mental and physical wellbeing. Many shielded people long to see their loved ones, that one household that means the world to them.


“Therefore, I urge the Welsh Government to rethink the five-mile rule – ‘of thumb’ – and allow shielded people to meet with loved ones further afield.


“Whilst physical activity is now permitted, many shielded people have limited mobility and so the relaxation of that rule is of little benefit.


“We need to see a raft of proactive measures put in place to support these individuals including thought as to housekeeping support, ensuring access to a wider variety of foodstuffs and Social engagement.


“The Chief Medical Officer, as well as the Welsh Government, must ensure that mental and wellbeing support is also available to those who need it.”


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