Sharing advice about keeping children safe online

The Council has issued some important advice to parents and carers about ensuring their children are staying safe online – as young people are more likely to be spending time using the Internet during the lockdown period.

The Coronavirus national emergency has resulted in schools being closed and social distancing guidance encouraging residents to stay at home. It is therefore more likely that young people will spend a considerable amount of time online – whether researching, gaming or communicating with others.

The priority for all parents, carers – and childcare hub teachers – is to keep children safe when they are online, while preventing harm and safeguarding them from the dangers that the Internet can present. When online, children should:

  • Know who they are talking to.
  • Protect their online identity and reputation.
  • Only open messages from sources they trust.
  • NOT give out their personal information.
  • NOT share images and video of inappropriate material.
  • Understand that not everything they read online is true.
  • Block and report people who are trolling.
  • NOT give in to pressure, and think before they post.

Parents and carers should monitor who their child is communicating with online, along with the content and material which is being accessed or downloaded. They could also consider setting boundaries and parental controls, manage privacy settings, and talk to their children about their online activity.

Another vital consideration is knowing where to find help and how to report concerns. In an emergency, call police on 101 or 999. South Wales Police’s online reporting details are here: www.south-wales.police.uk/en/contact-us/do-it-online/. More useful links to partner organisations are also included below.

“The Council is sharing this information to ensure children are kept safe online.

“With the current lockdown in place, it is inevitable that young people are more likely to be spending increased amounts of time online, so it’s therefore more important than ever to raise awareness about Internet safety – and sharing some vital advice to parents or carers and their children on how to achieve this.”

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