Letter to editor: Reduce your risk of stroke

Dear Editor

Mealtimes will undoubtedly be a highlight of the day for many Wales’ residents during the coronavirus lockdown.

Choosing what dishes to create can be very exciting, but at the Stroke Association, we’d like to encourage everyone to consider one particular ingredient – the amount and type of salt you use.

That’s important because the sodium in salt can cause high blood pressure which is believed to triple the risk of stroke. Reducing our salt intake will reduce incidence of high blood pressure and therefore stroke. In Wales more than 500,000 adults have been diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Cutting out salt as much as possible must be a priority.  But, I know how hard it is and if you find it difficult to cut out salt completely, there is an alternative to regular salt called LoSalt®. LoSalt® has two thirds less sodium than regular table, sea and rock salts without any taste compromise.

Now as a charity, we’re partnering with LoSalt® to encourage a #HealthierUK and share tips and ideas for small changes which can make a big difference to our health – including trying LoSalt in your cooking and baking.

To launch our #HealthierUK partnership we have some really scrumptious recipes, courtesy of LoSalt®, on our website www.stroke.org.uk/healthierUK

Please do note that if you take some types of medication that affect potassium levels, LoSalt® and other reduced sodium salt alternatives may not be suitable for you. This includes people receiving medication for diabetes, heart or kidney disorders. Check with your GP for advice.

I hope you enjoy trying out the recipes!

Juliet Bouverie

Chief Executive

The Stroke Association

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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