After being appointed manager last week Simon Jones has wasted no time in getting his teeth stuck into his new role buoyed by a win in his first game in full charge in the last match of the season at Garden Village.

Clearly delighted at being appointed he explained his thoughts on the job: "I am really proud to have been given the chance to help turn the Club around after a few difficult seasons. We will be working hard to reverse the slide and get people enjoying things again. I have never hidden the fact its a job I have wanted".

On his thoughts for the future he added: "It is a big job we have on our hands but the most important thing is to get people wanting to come back and watch our games and feel part of the Club. We have great boys and girls sections and a ladies team so it is about bringing everybody together. I know the Clubs committee are looking into lots of things to help and with how we are restructuring things its going to probably end up a much more local side which we hope will help get more people using the place".

A 2-1 win pleased the new boss to complete the season with Aberdare finishing 11th: "It was a great finish as a Sunday fixture isnt easy especially with players away but we deserved our win and battled for 90 minutes in hot conditions".
Chairman Garry Williams said of the appointment: “The Club have been on a downward spiral for the last few years and it’s time to turn things around and by Simon coming into the managers role he is the ideal person to be able to shape the structure we have all wanted for some time as he shares that same vision. There are going to be a lot of changes over the coming months and we see this as a long term appointment to get the Club re-organised without any pressure on him in regards to results on the pitch – all we have asked for is a team that wants to play for the badge and 100% committed on the pitch”.

Work now begins on preparations for next season with Si knowing he has a busy summer ahead: "I  have started speaking to the lads we already have here and, as much as we are expecting a few departures, we are inviting everybody back for pre-season. Training will be open for anybody to come along to but of course we also have a few players in mind to approach as we will be looking at running with a squad of around 20. We have a great home friendly that the Club had already arranged and we are just finalising our remaining games".

He wont be working alone either and has already spoken to several people about joining his backroom team: "Its important to have a good group around me to help bounce ideas off. Richard Evans has already said he will continue to help and I am talking to a couple of coaches to come in as well which we will announce when things are complete and agreed. The one important thing we are needing is a physio so if you know somebody who can help please get in touch".

One thing that Si was keen to stress was there is no quick fix to getting the Club back on track: "It isnt going to be an overnight turn around. The committee understand that and its a longer term plan that is being worked on so we can develop the structure properly rather than rushing into things. We have some great kids coming through, especially in our under 13s and its got to be our aim at building things up so they aspire to be in the first team squad". 
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