Rhondda Cynon Taf Council say no to helping local football club Why?

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council  are well paid to maintain sports pitches 

Below taken from Facebook 

Went to watch my village team yesterday, had a really nice chat with Nicola and she was explaining to me about the trouble the cwmbach royal stars fc are having with idiots drinking and lighting fires up by, around and against the changing rooms. This issue has been ongoing for some years but the 101 number does nothing but record the incidents as an "arson attack"! 
The local authority RCTC leader Andrew Morgan has told them (CRSFC) on social network that it is "not a council issue"??? Now the club over the years fought hard to get the changing rooms built. The last thing this club needs is to lose these facilities, these facilities are used by so many local residents, young old male female ohh and let's not forget that they pay RCTC over a £1,000   a year for the pleasure to play on these facilties. (Which, on its own is disgraceful) 
Now as I stood for Cllr in the last election in Cwmbach ward, and because it's my beloved village team, I would like to throw any help towards this as it can.
The answer,  I believe is to erect fencing around the changing rooms to keep the small number of idiots who drink light fires and take drugs smash bottles etc etc. The fencing would certainly stop fires against the building.
Rhondda Cynog Taf erected them at several grounds through the authority,  some fencing was installed around buildings where there has been no reports of "arson attacks".
So to all my friends and past and present players, supporters of Cwmbach Royal Stars email, tweet Facebook the RCTC along with the leader of RCTC also the local cllr to get something done in the community of Cwmbach Geezer as well as the estate behind ASDA tirfounder fields, where he lives.
So let's get the power of social media to put pressure on the authority.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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