So what will the city deal do for Mountain Ash?

So what will the city deal do for Mountain Ash?

Following on from the derelict site next to the statue of Guto Nyth Brân where the leader of the council Andrew Morgan said, “Council has offered twice to buy the land in the last 2 years. Council looking at newer legislation to see if possible to force a sale” Councilor Morgan went on to say, “The land owner is refusing to sell the land that's valued at less than £30k. But a CPO unlikely to succeed & could cost over £200k in fees”

Another site that has been derelict for years in Mountain Ash is the old Nixons Workmen’s Institute and Library site at the bottom end of the town. Who owns the site now? Why has nothing been done on this plot of land to improve the look of the town?


Many shops in the town are empty and in bad repair its putting people off from visiting the town, the open-air market on Fridays brings people into the town but that’s only one day a week, residents tell us that the rest of the time the town is dead.


So what will the city deal that the Leader of the council keeps on about do for Mountain Ash?


It would seem there is no interest in brining new industry into Cynon Valley no local well paid jobs, all the information put out by a variety of publications show there will be new houses built on every conceivable open space available. Is it because more houses mean more revenue for the council, more industry less revenue for the local council? 


As the leader of the council said concerning the proposed new development of 110 dwellings at Mountain Ash by Persimmon Homes, “The ramblings of Aberdare online yet again not knowing the facts & how the the developer is covering the full costs should they get planning”


If that information were in the public domain everyone including AberdareOnline would know what was going on. 

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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