Hard Work Pays off at the last of a rare orchid Welsh home

Hard Work Pays off at the last of a rare orchid Welsh home

The rare Fen Orchid lower Starting to strengthen-its Presence Special Area of ​​Conservation at Kenfig (QTS) After years of partnership gwaith Between Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC), Plantlife and Natural Resources Wales (NRW).


The uncommon in young children drives, wet Dunes and Used to eight sites over to what found Across South Wales.


Today, os chi ydych weld the Fen Orchid in Wales the only place gellwch roof doesn lower Kenfig SAC, sydd ALSO National Nature Reserve and (NNR).


The children's Population to Kenfig was to risg Having dropped from 21,000 recorded plants mp mp highs in the 90's roof mp FEW EARLY mp 10s of plants in Recent years.


Luckily, large Amount There has been a gwaith done to Restore of the habitat lost because of sydd servant being The natural Changes.


Removing the top layer of by turf and soil from a Tune, a technique hard 'slack scraping, web and Younger hundred recreate habitat tattoo Benefits the Fen Orchid and MANY other species.


Emma Brown, senior conservation officer for NRW, Said:


"It's Vital web donâ lose the Things tattoo a make Wales' environment so special and Managing our sites to Protect Struggling species and part of that sub gwaith.


"The Work being The SAC has done to Kenfig been a real success, Having recently recorded in 1012 Fen Orchids Across the site.


"This is not only amazing news for this rare orchid ond ALSO for the other species it may Benefits."


Grazing and slack scraping yn Continue to the site saw the Fen Orchid hundred Thrive and other features to Kenfig are protected.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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