Welsh Conservatives welcome Swansea City Deal

Welsh Conservatives have today expressed ‘delight’ as the Prime Minister visits Wales to sign off the Swansea Bay City Region deal.

The Prime Minister says she wants Wales at the ‘forefront’ of science and innovation.

Commenting, South Wales West AM, Suzy Davies, said:

"I couldn't be more delighted with the news. My constituents want to see both governments working together to get this part of Wales – this part of the UK – using its creativity to grow prosperity, new high quality jobs and a renewed sense of confidence in what we're capable of.

"Commercialising research, becoming the centre of new product development and manufacturing is a golden opportunity for a part of Wales that has lost its way economically.

“The commitment of the private sector, making the majority of the financial investment, shows real confidence. It also shows an intent that progress over the lifetime of the Deal will be dynamic, agile and bold, and that a balanced partnership of government, public and private sectors is what we need to get going – and keep going.

“I'm particularly excited by the Steel Innovation Centre.  Steel making is part of our history and our character in this part of Wales. Putting it at the heart of this Deal and the national Industrial Strategy shows the UK Government's commitment to rebalancing our economy across a country that works for everyone.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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