Kelvyn Bevan the Cynon Valley Party candidate for Mountain Ash West

I was born and raised in Mountain Ash and lived in Darren Las for over fifty years.

My parents, Nancy and Gomer Bevan, lived in Aberpennar Street, for over 70 years. In my Child hood years, I attended Darren Las Infant and Junior School. When leaving Junior School, I was one of the first pupils to go through the newly formed comprehensive system.

I am honoured to have been selected by The Cynon Valley Party to stand in the 2017 council elections, standing for Mountain Ash West.

I am the joint landlord of the New Harp Hotel, with my brother Keith Bevan. We have owned the establishment for the past 17 years and I am proud to be involved in the many activities associated within the community. Recently the community of Mountain Ash have formed the ‘Pub Watch’ scheme in the area, to keep our pubs safe. I have been elected the vice chairman of the scheme which has been a great success for al stakeholders. I am proud to run a local business and take our responsibilities with the community very seriously.

I previously worked on the Deep Duffryn Colliery for N.C.B for 6 years followed by 6 years at the Phurnacite Plant. I am a veteran of the Miners Strike and I am very aware of the link between community decline and lack of investment.

Over the years I’ve had a strong interest in local politics and decided to stand for council because, like many others in our community, who feel that our voice was not being heard, I want to see positive change in Mountain Ash.

When the Cynon Valley Party was formed I was keen to attend their meetings to find out what they could offer Mountain Ash. I was pleased to find that their sole interest was for local representation based on local issues.

This means there is no national “party line”, which is often at odds with local issues, which must be adhered to at the expense of local community.  Local issues are very different from national issues and we must work, at council level, for the regeneration of our proud valley.   

If I become successful in securing your vote, and have the privilege or representing Mountain Ash West I will work vigorously to ensure fairness within our community.  I do not feel that we have had the representation we deserve and that the decline in our communities is due to weak leadership. 

The promise of a new bridge and its new location raises the question of why hundreds of thousand of pounds was spent several years ago on preparation work in a different location.  This included the compulsory purchase of people’s homes and business.  This was wasted money that should have been spent more effectively.   Mountain Ash residents pay a substantially higher council tax that those in neighbouring authorities.   Whilst we pay more, in council tax, it is discouraging to see our council tax money given away to support projects in Cardiff.  

As your representative, I will do that I can to ensure that local money stays in the local community.   We need to address the divide between the Cynon Valley and our cash rich neighbouring authorities.  We need to fight for social and financial inclusion and create a vibrant community that in turn creates opportunity for all.  The Cynon Valley has been the Cinderella of local authorities for too long.  Its time for us to stand up, within our community, and to not accept the scraps thrown to us every 4 years just before another local election.

If I am elected I will seek for a greater police presence with in the area to tackle crime and in particular burglary.  We all understand the devastating affect that crime can have on individual and a community in particular.  Our taxes pay for policing and I will ensure that this is effective and appropriate.  

Another concern is the lack of a safe crossing point to the busy main road on the west side of the bridge where our children have to gamble with the lights and traffic coming from three different directions. A safe crossing point should be provided to allow us all to cross the road safely. 

I have identified 5 pledges that are essential for Mountain Ash West should I win your vote to represent you.  

• To fight passionately on all local issues

• To consult with community on all issues

• Campaign vigorously for local improvement

• Help to generate social and financial inclusion

• To put the Cynon Valley first.


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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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