Andrew Chainey your Aberaman North candidate for the Cynon Valley Party

I could sit for hours and tell you anecdotes of my ancestors, success, losses, and quote from books I’ve read or mention people that I have rubbed shoulders with. I believe that it is more important, in this precious short space, to share with you what my beliefs are.

If you would like to find out more about my family history and the life path that has helped form my beliefs then please just ask.

– I believe that many parts of our valley have lost their self-confidence and that a sense of community needs to be restored.

– I believe that large local authorities and the bureaucracy within is not good for our valley.

– I believe that thousands of planned residential developments in our area, without sufficient business developments, will turn our valley into nothing more than a congested dormitory for Cardiff.

– I believe that councillors should not be allowed to sit more than two terms in office.

– I believe that the current Labour run RCT CBC has too many incumbent and ineffective councillors.

– I believe that the current ‘National Party’ political system is outdated, not fit for use and needs to be changed at its core.

– I believe that if you desire or train to be a career politician then you should NEVER be a politician.

– I believe that the local councillors should be made to declare how they have voted at council meetings.

I strongly believe that by challenging and trying to change the current regime under which the residents of the Cynon Valley have to abide, a self-determined vision for our future can be crafted and together we can make the Cynon Valley the Queen of the Valleys once more for future generations.



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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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