Public Health (Wales) Bill – update March 2017

Following the approval of the general principles of the Public Health (Wales) Bill by the National Assembly for Wales in February, Stage 2 proceedings took place in the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee on 23 March. Stage 2 is the first chance for Assembly Members to make amendments to the Bill.

During the meeting a number of amendments were debated and voted on. Amendments were agreed which will raise the age restriction for intimate piercing to 18 from 16. This responds to a recommendation made by the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee at Stage 1.

It was also agreed that provisions relating to the licensing system for special procedures would be amended to enable local authorities to take account of a broader range of offences when considering an application for a special procedure licence.

A full transcript of the committee stage will be available from the National Assembly website (below). A revised copy of the Bill as amended at Stage 2 will also be available at the same link:


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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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