Boundary proposals cut Pontypridd constituency in half.

The Boundary Commission have today published their proposals for a reduction in the overall number of MPs. As reported by the BBC, 50 seats are to be lost across the UK, with 11 of those being in Wales, bringing the number of MPs in Wales down from 40 to 29.

The proposals within RCT would see the current Pontypridd constituency broken into two and realigned forming a Cynon and Pontypridd and a Rhondda and Llantrisant constituency.

RCT Welsh Liberal Democrat Chair Karen Roberts said

"It is difficult to argue against changes being made as devolution progresses – indeed as a Party we have said that we would like to see more Assembly Members and fewer MPs as more powers are given to Wales to decide its own priorities and shape its own future.

"The question is whether the cut is a little too much given that as yet we do not have the same level of autonomy as Scotland for example. Also are the suggested boundaries the right ones?

"When the idea was first presented and then halted by the Liberal Democrats in coalition government, it was proposed that Wales would have 30 MPs. The suggested boundaries then, however, were ludicrous, with RCT communities, and many elsewhere, cut in half across boundaries that were illogical and had no regard for geography.

"It at least appears that some lessons have been learned this time around, although we will need to take a very close look at the proposals before responding to the consultation. The proposal to cut the current Pontypridd constituency in half is not going to go down well with some."

The proposals now go out to public consultation.


Below taken from The Boundary Commission Website

The Boundary Commission for Wales has announced that it will publish the 2018 Review of Parliamentary Constituencies In Wales: Initial Proposals Report on September 13 2016, in accordance with the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011 (External link).

For more information please visit our 2018 Review page. 

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