Today is Young Carers Awareness Day

If you know someone under 18 who looks after a person in their family, please direct them to Babble – a website where young carers can find support, advice and friendship http://babble.carers.org and refer them to the Young Carers Service for support.
82% of young carers surveyed said they are regularly #missingout on seeing their friends due to their caring role.
– 80% of young carers surveyed said yes to #MissingOut due to their caring role
– 82% of young carers are #MissingOut on seeing their friends
– 60% of young carers are #MissingOut on events and activities due to their caring responsibility
– Due to caring responsibilities 56% of young carers are #MissingOut on their hobbies
– 47% of young carers are unable to complete homework due to caring.
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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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