Gething messages: Covid Inquiry ‘takes allegations seriously’

Gething messages: Covid Inquiry ‘takes allegations seriously’

Responding to a letter from the COVID Inquiry regarding Vaughan Gething’s alleged deletion of relevant COVID messages, Andrew RT Davies MS, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, said:

“Families who lost loved ones during the pandemic expect answers from the Labour Welsh Government.

“Vaughan Gething has not set the record straight on his deletion of COVID messages, and it’s very encouraging that the inquiry takes these allegations seriously.

“It’s time for Gething to level with bereaved families and provide a clear explanation on what messages were deleted and why.”

Vote of no confidence in First Minister

Concerns that First Minister Vaughan Gething may have deleted text messages during the pandemic are being taken “very seriously” by the Covid inquiry, a representative has said.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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