School closures a possibility due to labour’s budget cuts

School closures a possibility due to labour’s budget cuts

Hirwaun and Penderyn and Rhigos Matters

  · RCT’s Labour Cabinet decided to close Rhigos Primary School‼️

Today is a sad day for the community of Rhigos. Despite all our efforts in trying to keep an excellent school open.

The decision to close our small rural school was made by Labour Councillors who weren’t interested in engaging with the community and listening to concerns.

Many within and outside of Rhigos joined together to share their views, all in support of Rhigos Primary. We can’t thank you enough for all your efforts and for putting your trust in us.

We are sure that the current pupils in Rhigos Primary will love the rest of their time in the school. Whichever school is chosen for your child in the Ward, we know that they will be welcomed and taken care of. We are on the governing bodies of Hirwaun Primary and Penderyn Primary too, so any questions that parents/carers have, we are here to help.

Diolch, Karen & Adam

Responding to the news that up to seven Ceredigion schools may face closure amid strained finances at the authority, Tom Giffard MS, Shadow Education Minister, said:

“It is deeply concerning that schools across the area could be closed due to Labour’s mismanagement of the budget.

“The Labour Government have overseen a decline in standards over their 25 years in charge and by cutting the education budget in real terms and cash terms they are leaving schools and local authorities struggling to make ends meet.

“The Welsh Conservatives will always hold Labour to account on their failures. In light of this, I’ve submitted a topical question in the Senedd today.”

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