Upcoming Art Exhibitions this March at Cynon Valley Museum

Upcoming Art Exhibitions this March at Cynon Valley Museum

Cynon Valley Museum hosts art exhibitions throughout the year
and this month we are celebrating International Women’s Day
(March 8th) by hosting two female artists in our art galleries: Alix
Edwards ‘Myth of Women’ exhibition in our Lower Gallery and
Jenna Cullen’s ‘Unseen’ exhibition in our Mezzanine Gallery,
‘Myth of Women’ by Alix Edwards in Cynon Valley Museum Lower Gallery (2-30 March 2024)

‘Unseen’ by Jenna Cullen in the Mezzanine Gallery, ( 6-30 March 2024)

Alix Edwards ‘Myth of Women’ – Paintings by Alix Edwards for International
Women’s Day 2024 in the Lower Gallery of Cynon Valley Museum, 2-30 March 2024
Alix Edwards is a Cardiff-based artist who works with women, acrylics, stories,
photographs and words in order to feel free, empower and energize women and
celebrate feminine energy. Her art has been exhibited in England, Wales, Spain and LA
and her poetry has appeared in many publications including Penny Thoughts, Marble
Magazine, Poetry Wales and Cardiff Review.
“I want people who experience my work to feel empowered, inspired and free and open
to possibilities.”
She works intuitively by applying the paint with her hands.
When not creating, Alix enjoys salsa music, walking barefoot on the sand, swimming in
the sea and baking chocolate cake.

Jenna Cullen ‘Unseen’ – Paintings by Jenna Cullen on display in the Mezzanine
Gallery of Cynon Valley Museum, 6-30 March
Jenna, a local artist, explains her inspiration and the powerful, sensitive themes which
inspired her exhibition:
“A longing for expression in art came from a deep sense of isolation and emotional pain.
Also a need to convey experiences as a release and resolution to unresolved problems led me
to a love for the medium of painting. 

In particular, I have been inspired and drawn in by Rothko’s use of colour conveying mystery
and alluding to a depth of meaning, suggesting an emotive release and participation in
making meanings. 
Modigliani’s unapologetic yet sensitive and quizzical portraits have also proven wonderful in
challenging me to provoke attention boldly. 
The more I’ve delved into painting, the more I’ve felt a resting place for relief and personal
realisations and in my use of colour. 
Running themes concern intersubjective violence, body dysmorphia, and self-harm. I wish to
instill a sense of release for the unspoken, and identification with the hidden and unseen.
Convening a space for personal reflections and insight. “

Cynon Valley Museum is open Tuesdays- Saturdays, 9.30 am-3.30 pm. Free entry. All

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