Covid: WhatsApp: Drakeford may have misled Senedd

Covid: WhatsApp: Drakeford may have misled Senedd

Public Discontent Grows as Evidence Suggests Mark Drakeford’s Misleading Statements on WhatsApp Usage

In a surprising turn of events during the ongoing COVID inquiry, concerns have been raised regarding First Minister Mark Drakeford’s use of WhatsApp, contradicting his previous assertions about his engagement with the messaging platform. During a session in the Senedd chamber, Drakeford light-heartedly dismissed any knowledge of WhatsApp, claiming he didn’t delete messages because he didn’t know how to use the app.

However, evidence presented at the COVID inquiry paints a different picture, indicating that the First Minister was actively using WhatsApp to discuss Welsh Government policy. This revelation starkly contrasts with Drakeford’s earlier statements, where he initially denied regular use of WhatsApp and later corrected himself by stating he did not use the platform at all.

In response to evidence presented by Jane Runeckles at the COVID Inquiry, Andrew RT Davies MS, the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, expressed deep concern over the potential deletion of messages relevant to crucial government decisions. Davies emphasized that the deliberate removal of such messages has deprived grieving families of the answers they deserve.

Davies stated, “People who lost family members and friends during the pandemic deserve to know how and why decisions were taken, but thanks to actions taken in Welsh Government, they may never get those answers.” He called for the Labour Government to demonstrate respect and compassion for the affected individuals by initiating a Wales-specific inquiry to address these pressing issues.

Taking further action, Andrew RT Davies has formally written to the Senedd’s Presiding Officer, urging the First Minister to provide clarity on his use of WhatsApp in the Senedd. The call for accountability underscores the public’s growing discontent over the perceived discrepancies in the statements made by Mark Drakeford regarding his engagement with the messaging application.

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