The Bevan Commission launches the Planned Care Innovation Programme

Responding to the urgent challenges presented by Covid-19, the Planned Care Innovation Programme is supporting people working in the health and care sector to take forward innovative ideas, opportunities, and ways of working to improve planned care services across Wales.

Led by the Bevan Commission, Wales’ leading health and care think tank (hosted and supported by Swansea University), in partnership with the Welsh Government and wider stakeholders, this initiative will help improve care for patients and their families by finding different solutions, including new technologies and care pathways, to drive the transformation needed to support the Welsh Government’s Programme for Planned Care at local, regional, and national levels.

Building on the success of the Bevan Commission’s Exemplar Programme, the Welsh Government has awarded funds to support 18 innovative projects from across health and care in Wales. The projects focus on a wide range of specialties including urology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, cancer, orthopaedics, surgery, diagnostics, and rehabilitation services. Each project is developing and testing new ways of working with support and coaching from the Bevan Commission.


Helen Howson – Director of the Bevan Commission ‘The Bevan Commission is delighted to be able to support these enthusiastic and committed health and care professionals with their innovative ideas to improve planned care for patients across Wales. We have an exciting range of projects which will make a real difference to patient care, and we look forward to working closely with them all during the next 12 months to find better solutions for the future together.’

Dr Phil Coles – Clinical Lead for Outpatient Transformation, Welsh Government

‘In recognition of clinician expertise in delivering care and supporting the clinically-led approach to transformation, an innovation fund was established by Welsh Government.


The programme is focussed on enhancing the quality of the service to our patients, maximising the value delivered, and for the improved experience for our patients and public across the whole of NHS Wales. The support of the Bevan Commission will be key in maximising the success associated with all the funded projects.’ Dr David Burberry, Consultant Geriatrician, a PCIP Project Lead ‘This award from the Bevan Commission and Welsh Government will employ dedicated staff at Morriston Hospital to develop a waiting list screening tool to highlight frail patients on surgical waiting lists. Virtual and face-to-face assessments will be used to identify patients who would benefit from early multi-disciplinary team input to ensure their health is optimised pre and post operatively with a view to aid a speedier recovery.’


Project partner Associate Professor Jugdeep Dhesi of Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital

‘I am so pleased to be supporting this project. It will help patients make the best treatment choice for them and help those having surgery prepare and recover in the best possible way. I look forward to working with the team to study what works for patients and how best to deliver perioperative care services across the NHS. I anticipate we will use the findings of this work to influence health care policy working with the POPS network and Centre for Perioperative Care, and to deliver equitable, quality care for all older people having surgery in the NHS.’

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About the Bevan Commission

The Bevan Commission is Wales’ leading health and care think tank, hosted and supported by

Swansea University. Working within a complex health and care system, our vision is simple – a

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