Labour’s return to the Turnpike or toll road introduced in 1752 was backed up by Labour’s lapdogs

Labour’s return to the Turnpike or toll road introduced in 1752 was backed up by Labour’s lapdogs

Photograph: Aberdare Upper Village Turnpike House, bottom of Cwmdare Hill Trecynon

From 1652 in England and 1752 in Wales, Acts of Parliament enabled committees of the gentry and others to improve either a particular road or all the main roads in a county.

These committees were known as Turnpike Trusts because a pike (or pole), and later a gate blocked the road until a toll was paid by horse riders, vehicles and hears of animals. The trusts had powers to borrow money, compulsorily purchase land where necessary and charge the road users a toll to cover the costs.

Many of the toll houses and gates continued in use until the County Councils took over responsibility for main roads as soon as they were established in 1889.

1996: The Local Government (Wales) Act 1994 leads to further reorganisation. County and district councils are abolished, and replaced by a single tier of 22 unitary authorities.

Wales started to go downhill from then.

Labour and Plaid vote for road charging in Wales

Following the conclusion of the Environment (Air Quality and Soundscapes) (Wales) Bill’s passage through the Welsh Parliament, Welsh Conservative Shadow Climate Change Minister, Janet Finch-Saunders MS said:

“Throughout the Environment Bill’s passage through the Welsh Parliament, the Welsh Conservatives aimed to make the bill succeed for the people of Wales, by achieving amendments which would make the bill work better.

“Nevertheless, with the Labour Government’s Environment Bill introducing road charging for hard-working residents simply trying to get on with their lives, the Welsh Conservatives could not support the bill.

“Unlike Labour and Plaid, who continue to target our motorists, we will always support motorists and not punish them.”


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