Government removes toll from M4 now Welsh Government wants toll on M4 and the A470   

Government removes toll from M4 now Welsh Government wants toll on M4 and the A470   

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Welsh Conservative comment on road charging

Commenting on the road charging aspect of the Labour Government’s Environment (Air Quality and Soundscapes) (Wales) Bill being introduced, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Transport, Natasha Asghar MS, said:

“The Labour Government is all stick and no carrot when it comes to their transport policy. First, they cancel new roads, then they cut support for buses and now they’re following through with their plans to punish drivers by charging people for driving. People are already struggling with the cost of living and this is the last thing they need right now.

“It’s fine for the Transport Minister to push people to use public transport, whilst he drives to and from his constituency, but anyone who uses the trains in Wales knows they are unreliable.

“Wales needs a transport plan that takes into account the needs of people and encourages use of public transport not constantly penalising drivers.”

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Welsh Gov to get new powers to create ‘low emissions zones’ Another nail in the coffin of the Welsh economy. When will people wake up & vote these comedians out – Wales needs infrastructure to address the worst productivity in U.K. & improve the economy…

The two most important arterial routes! @WelshGovernment are intent on destroying any chance the Welsh economy has of growing

Now the @WelshGovernment wants to place an extra tax on the working class to travel to work when they have an outdated highway causing more pollution public transport systems not fit for purpose and a Welsh Parliament not fit for purpose

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