Temporary traffic lights on Crematorium Road

Temporary traffic lights on Crematorium Road

A company proposes to cut down or cut back mature trees on Crematorium Road to transport machinery to Hirwaun Power Station. The company, Allelys provides heavy lift, specialist transport, and heavy haulage and logistics solutions to our diverse and innovative customers.

Allelys goes on to say, that we face together all the unique projects with a creative solution, listening from the start and communicating at every opportunity.

So why use this road when other routes can be used without despoiling the road to the Llwydcoed Crematorium?

Nothing is showing on RCT Council Temporary and emergency road closures

We picked this information up from the Hirwaun Chat Facebook account


Image from Hirwaun Chat Facebook account

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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